i am not a robot

my name is kamal and i hate gender roles


if u ever feel it’s a good idea to tell me how much you hate something i love:

  • don’t
  • no one cares
  • bye




please don’t tease carnivorous plants like this!!!! it takes enormous amounts of their energy to dissolve the insects that they need to survive and it takes days to process them!!! when you do this you’re wasting all of their energy and pretty much starving them!!!!!

it’s a fuckin’ plant jesus christ

yeah and its still a living thing are you the kind of person who pulls the legs off of ants or steps on snails on purpose jackass?




it’s all well and good if you like england (you mean england. you don’t give a shit about scotland or wales), if you want to visit england, even if you want to live here, i don’t mind at all and neither do most people

the main problem with anglophiles is the way you reduce our country to a list of small stereotypes

we don’t all watch sherlock, we don’t all drink tea, we don’t all live in either a beautiful metropolis or the wonderful countryside, we don’t all wank over the royal family (can’t stand them myself)

there is good and there is bad

look at our country from an objective standpoint and decide based on that

england isn’t like Love Actually, even if that film is a national treasure

oh and please just

don’t use the slang

just don’t


Many of you have been asking about different cuts and sizes for my clothes in the closet. I just wanted to say, I apologize for not offering different sizes. I am literally selling the clothes that you see in my fashion post, to raise money to launch my own brand. Soon I will be adding new things such as some of my jewelry and accessories which of course will fit most anyone. I am sorry that I don’t have my own designs and variable sizes up for sell yet. Remember, The Closet was just created as a way to raise money for the launch of my own gender variant, body positivite brand. Soon I plan to launch another fund raiser that I think many of you will adore!!! So stay tuned, and for now, here is another spring/summer outfit for you all!!! Xoxoxo

-Elliott Alexzander




things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner
  • thigh-highs
  • corsets
  • boots
  • long dramatic coats



This is another info graphic I did advocating for snakes. When spring comes around snakes start to come out of hibernation and sometimes will end up in people’s backyards. Snakes around this time are killed left and right, whether it is completely harmless or venomous. I want to urge people to learn about snakes and also to leave snakes alone!

protect snakes. cherish snakes. respect snakes. protest your local whacking day events + write to your MP